Social Media…It’s the way that you do it!!!  Remember the Bananarama song?  If you do, then I’m sure you’ll have it in your head for the rest of the day (you’re welcome!!)!

The lyrics run true for social media.  I’m getting bit bored now of companies saying to me ‘social media doesn’t work for us’!  They’ll tell me about how they’ve been doing it for several years now and still not really seeing the return they wanted.

But it really isn’t just about ‘doing’ social media.  It’s definitely about the ‘way’ that you do it!! That’s what gets results!

I’ll be honest with you.  The majority of small businesses are not winning much or any business through social media.  Why?  Because they are doing what everyone else is doing.  They’re jumping in feet first, having a look at what their competition is doing and then, essentially, using it in the same way.  And they end up with the same results – nothing!!

So, what is the right way?

Well I could write a 20,000 word blog post on the right way to do social media, but your time and mine is precious!  So, here it is in a very brief nutshell.

  1. Stand out
  2. Don’t post lots of sales messages
  3. Don’t just broadcast
  4. Interact regularly
  5. With the right people (i.e. your target market!)
  6. Listen to what others are saying
  7. Connect with those who can help you build your business
  8. Be the expert
  9. Build trust
  10. Build relationships

There’s definitely more to it, but I guarantee if you stick to these 10, you’ll get much more from your social media activity.

Enjoy a day of your head being filled with Bananarama!!!