High-Res-1After the success of last year’s Social Media Success Secrets event, I’ve decided to run it again!

Social Media Success Secrets focuses on what you need to be doing to guarantee your business success on social media.  Whether you’re a beginner or someone with indepth knowledge I’m certain there are things are aren’t doing or should be doing that could really catapult your success.

The content is heavily focused on business growth and how you can stand out from your competition online.  I’ll also be sharing with you the updates you should be posting to win sales (and it’s not sales messages!!).

Did you know that 80% of businesses see no or very little success with social media?  This isn’t because social media is a useless form of marketing!  It’s from misuse!  The issue being that most businesses will sign up to social media platforms and copy what everyone else is doing – the wrong thing!

I want to move you to the 20% who are storming social media and getting loads of business from it!

Social Media Success Secrets takes place on Tuesday 30th April, from 9am-5.30pm at Manchester235 Casino.  To book your place, and find out more, just CLICK HERE!!!