It's not technologyIf you read back over my blog posts, you’ll see there’s actually very little mention of the technology of social media. When people meet me, they often expect me to be a technology wiz, but that definitely isn’t the case!

The reason being that it really doesn’t matter how well you know the technology inside out, it’s not this knowledge that converts to paying customers.

Instead my approach to social media is a much more relationship focused one. How can we say the right things to attract the right people, then engage with them in the right way, to build a meaningful relationship based on trust, that leads them to want to do business with you and to not even consider your competitors?

That is the rather long question you should be asking yourself with your social media activity. You see, it is the opportunity to build relationships with so many people online that we would find difficult to engage with through other media, that social media is all about. It’s not about getting baffled with technology, avoiding it because you consider yourself a ‘dinosaur’ or of the wrong generation. It’s not about wasting time understanding every technological nuance of how social media can work. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing either!

It’s about your business, your target market and your relationship building. Learn more about how these three can work in harmony together online and you will see success with social media!