standing out with social mediaI was in Newcastle yesterday speaking at the North East Business Expo on Standing Out on Social Media.  It really is something very few businesses think about!

We all know we should be using social media (you do right?!)!  But we might not think about how we can stand out from our competitors and other businesses online.

As social media platforms increase in use, and more and more businesses join the millions of others promoting themselves through social media, you have to be even more creative in standing out.

If you can remove your logo or business name from your updates and replace them with that of a competitor, and your updates still make sense, then you’re not standing out!  You’re saying the same things as your competitors, so why should someone listen to you over them!

If you want to stand out online, you need to play more on the things that make you different – such as the personality of your brand.  You need to give more than your competitors are willing to give in terms of free advice.  You need to interact as much as possible with your target market online, as your competitors believe they don’t have the time to.  You need to keep interacting with the same people so they don’t forget you.  And you need to do way more than just selling!

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