High-Res-1Yesterday was the second Social Media Success Secrets event – a full day training event focusing on what businesses need to do to achieve social media success.  It was fab!!  Over 50 people in the room that I know went away buzzing with ideas from the feedback on Twitter!

If like me you provide a service, I’d definitely recommend running an event.  And here’s why!

  1. More profitable

Training all those businesses on a 1:1 basis would take up a lot of hours!!  So, having them all in the same room is far more profitable.  It makes much more business sense to deliver the training on one day rather than 50 days!

  1. Increase in other sales

What you do find though when you run these events, is that it opens up people’s awareness to what you do!  Events are much easier to market on a larger scale than 1:1 services you provide.  This means many more businesses become aware of you.  As a result, I now have many more inhouse training bookings for May.  You may think this goes against the above point, but of course inhouse or 1:1 training comes at a much higher price, and tend to attract the larger businesses who are looking to train a large number of their team.

  1. Turning social media contacts in to sales

It can be hard to sell services through social media.  It tends to rely on us turning those online contacts in to face-to-face ones, before the sale is made – a much more time consuming process.  An event is much more product focused, as people are buying a ticket to the event.  Many of yesterday’s attendees were social media contacts who saw my posts about the event and booked a ticket to come along.

  1. List building

Events are also a great way to build your list of contacts.  This is especially true if your events are free, as many will sign up and give you their details, and may not even turn up on the day.  Beware of the free event though!  Events can be costly, so it helps if profits are made from ticket sales to help meet these costs.  Free events can also attract the wrong people – free loaders!  People who want to go purely to network and are never likely to buy from you.

  1. Fun!

Events are really good fun to run!  Much better than delivering 1:1 services!!

There are many more advantages to running events.  I really would implore you to consider how you could create an event from the service you provide!  If you’re not confident on the stage, you can always sign up other speakers.  But, there’s also nothing like coming out of your comfort zone to help build your business success!!

Let me know if you’ve turned your service in to an event by commenting below!