All too often on social media we focus more on what we want to broadcast than what our audience actually want to hear.stand out

It’s when you focus in on the audience, rather than your own objectives, that you really start to see success with social media!

With so many businesses now using social media as a communication and marketing tool, it has never been more important to stand out online. Focusing on our own agenda is a sure fire way to help us fade in to the background. So, how do we know what our audience wants to hear?

1. Be sure of your target market
You should know your target market inside out:
What interests them?
What excites them?
What do they need?
What do they want?
What is keeping them awake at night?
What will add value to their day?

2. If you don’t know – ask them!
Survey your best customers and ask them what they’d like to hear more about. After all, you are looking to attract people who are similar to your best customers!

3. Look at your numbers
Which posts see the most interaction? Which posts get the most shares and retweets? Which posts see a boost in fans and followers? These posts are what your audience want to hear, so stick to similar ones!

It is definitely important that you have aims for your social media activity. But, when it comes to your content, don’t just think about those aims. Think about your target market too. Because if you can’t attract your target market, you won’t get much success through social media!