customer attractionOur best customers are those who naturally gravitate towards us!  We don’t have to do a hard sell because they believe in what we do.  They trust us and are not just satisfied customers, but are loyal ones who will return again and again.

Yet I see all too often that businesses are trying to do the hard sell on social media.  They try and push people in their direction rather than pull them towards them.  Selling on social media rarely works.  You’ll know yourself when you get a knock on the door at the most inconvenient of times and get the hard sell from the double glazing/driveway/insulation, etc. company salesman at the door, that being pushed in to buying is not the best route to becoming a customer!

Instead we need to work on social media to build trust.  To show our expertise.  To put our personality across.  So that people naturally WANT to buy from us, rather than feeling they HAVE to buy from us.

Your social media strategy should include how you will pull people towards you.  And please do stop pushing them away!