Filling TimeI’m currently enjoying being a new mum to my one month old daughter Ella!!  While I’m supposed to be on maternity leave, I don’t really think there is such a thing when you run your own business!  As such, I’m grabbing moments when I can to get stuff done!

And the great thing is, stuff is getting done!!  You see, a task will often take as long as the time you allow for it.  What once might have taken me a whole morning now gets completed in half an hour while Ella is napping.  Or, where I might have deliberated for a day over a decision, I now get it sorted asap.

All too often I hear the excuse of lack of time when it comes to social media.  And yet, I bet there is so much time you could be saving in your day!  Lack of time should be a result of only one thing – too many customers!!  And if that’s the case, you either need to up your prices or your resource!  On the contrary, many business owners are lacking in time because they are wasting time on tasks they could do in half the time!

So, my challenge for you today is to reduce by half the amount of time you set aside for a task, put a timer on, and get the task done!  Then with the time you have left, go and network on social media and build some great business relationships!

Now back to being a mummy….!!