Business PlanMy little girl is now 3 months old and I’m starting to think about returning to work properly (don’t tell anyone, but I’ve already done a few days of speaking and training!!!).  Now, I’ve always been somewhat of a winger!!  I go with the flow, leave things to the last minute and, somehow, always get away with it!

But, as a business owner, I realise I really need to be more of a planner.  I’m starting to put the plans in place for my return to full time business-running!  I realise I can’t expect to start back one week and there be a tonne of work waiting for me!  I’ve got to do something to get that work!

And, that’s where winging it doesn’t work in business.  In the marketing.  Winging your marketing will undoubtedly lead to lots of money spent for very little return.  Your marketing should be well thought out and planned.  And that plan should definitely include a review of the return you receive on that marketing.

The same is true of your social media.  Winging it each day with a few posts, that haven’t been properly thought through, and finding no time to engage with your community, will lead to very little success.

So, if like me you’re a winger, it’s time to switch to being a planner!!  Come on, we’ll do it together!!