2014We’re well in to the first month of 2014!  And, it’s a year I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to!  Having had a baby in July last year, I felt the first half went in an exhausted, nauseous blur, and the second half in an equally exhausting but very exciting blur!!  It was a fab year for me, welcoming my first child, Ella, in to this slightly crazy world!

But, now Ella is 6 months old, I’m ready to hit this year with renewed energy (she now sleeps through!  Phew!!!)!  And one step towards that is getting back in to work mode!  I spent a good part of last week planning out what 2014 will look like for me, both professionally and personally.  If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend you do!

And, this got me thinking about resolutions.  Why is it that we wait until the start of a new year to resolve to do something?  Surely if we really wanted to do it, we’d have just got it done!  Whether it’s quitting smoking, eating healthily or doing more exercise, we must really dread these things if we have to wait for a new year to come round to actually put them in to action!  I guess this is why resolutions rarely make it through the whole year!

So, my resolution this year professionally, is to not wait to resolve things!  I’m going to jump in there straight away and get things done!  I’m also going to keep track of where my business is at, and resolve things each month, each week, each day and each hour if need be!  That’s the only way I’m going to keep on track with my goals.

And my personal resolution?  To floss my teeth every day!!!  10 days in, and it’s going well!