selling on SMI don’t doubt there are a lot of businesses selling what you sell (if not, you’re in a very lucky and hopefully successful position!).  So, why should I buy from you and not the guy down the road who’s selling what you sell?

Answering this question is vital before you start marketing your business.  Then all your marketing should answer this question for your customers, leaving little doubt in their mind that they’re going to buy from you before you’ve even mentioned price.

This requires some real thinking.  A friendly approach, good customer service, a quality product, etc. are not the answer to this question.  These are just essentials in running a business in 2014 (after all you’re never going to buy again from a company who doesn’t provide these as standard).

If they buy from you because of price, you again need to do some thinking!  How can you ever put your prices up if your customers buy from you for this reason alone!  They’ll go straight to the cheaper option!  And they don’t put a high value on what you offer if they’re decision is mainly built on price.

That’s why finding an answer to this question can be tricky!  It may even be worthwhile asking your most loyal customers, as these are the kind of people you are looking to attract.

Once you have the answer to why I should buy from you, this should then also come across in your social media.  Posting sales messages alone on social media rarely wins you any sales!  So, instead post updates that share the answer!  If people buy from you because you’re fun, be fun on social media!  If people buy from you because they think you are very knowledgeable, be knowledgeable on social media!  If they buy from you because you deliver over and beyond what is expected, make this known on social media!

Why do people buy from me?  Because they ‘know’ me!  Because my training is fun!  Because they respect my psychology-based approach to social media rather than a technology-based one!  And these reasons all come across in my marketing.  I post updates about my personal life, to create a feeling of ‘knowing’.  I post fun updates.  And I talk a lot about my psychology background.

Will there be people who won’t buy from me because of these things?  Of course there will!  But I don’t need EVERYONE to buy from me!  And, the more I worry about the people that are attracted to these qualities, and the less about those who aren’t, the more business I get!

So, I urge you, take some time this week to answer this very important questions – WHY SHOULD I BUY FROM YOU!

Once you’ve answered it, I’d love it if you’d share your answers below!