Work HardMy daughter Ella is now heading up for 7 months old, so I’m back doing some work here and there, before she starts at nursery!

It was always my plan when starting a business to be able to manage both children and a business, so that I was never full time at either job!  So far, since starting back working in January, this is working out really well!

At the moment, I only have childcare for Ella one day a week.  In a few weeks’ time, this will be increasing to 2.5 days a week, but I don’t want to her to be in childcare for any longer than that, to maintain my goal of doing both!  I don’t want to miss out on these important years, but I don’t want to put a halt on my career either.

And, what I’ve noticed is a real change in how I work compared to pre-motherhood!  I now think I’ve finally grasped working smart instead of hard!  You see, most of the time I have to work while Ella naps.  I can get away with answering the odd email while she’s up, but her being more mobile means I’m pretty limited to what I can do in waking hours!

So, in the 3 hours a day (spread throughout the day) that Ella naps, I’m at my laptop.  And those 3 hours are spent purely on tasks that will help me grow my business, so either marketing the business or working on training courses.  I literally don’t have time for anything else, which is why it is outsourced to my fabulous team!  And I work so productively in that time too.  I no longer have the procrastination devil whispering in my ear to have a look on Facebook, or a browse on Amazon!  Instead, I know that I have usually about an hour to get a load of stuff done, so I’ve got to get on with it!  And the result?  A sold out workshop, several client training days booked in, an online course written and recorded, and other workshops in the planning, all since January and working in minimal hours!

So, are you working hard or are you working smart?

The same is true on social media.  A lot of people will tell me that they have stopped using Twitter because they spend so much time on there.  They’re not working smart on it!  You need to login with clear objectives as to what you will do within that time.  Will you write a few updates?  Go through others’ updates on one of your lists?  Respond to interactions?  The only way you end up wasting time on Twitter is if you get caught up in reading tweets that are going to do nothing to further your business.  Instead, if you spent time engaging with your target market, you’d get much more from it!  The same is true of all other social media platforms.

So, my challenge for you this week is to look at each task you’re performing and decide whether you are currently working hard or working smart?  If the answer is hard, you need to start looking at delegating or outsourcing, and start working smart to free up more of your time for other things that matter in your life!