choicesAs many of you will be aware, 7 months ago I became a mum for the first time to my beautiful little girl Ella.
I took time out from the business after having Ella, because she definitely had to come first and, at the start of the year, started to ease back in to running the business again!

I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to fill my diary with bookings! I have a fab team in place who worked really well throughout my maternity leave to keep my name out there, and it’s obviously paid off!

What has struck me often though is people I meet who are in employment, and many mums who are currently on maternity leave and fighting to go back part-time, response to my only needing childcare a couple of days a week and being able to work from home, and spend time with Ella, on the other days.

The word often used is ‘lucky’. I’m lucky that I can ease back in to work, rather than going from nothing to everything! I’m lucky that I don’t have an employer to fight with over coming back part-time. I’m lucky that I’m able to get a couple of hours work done a day while Ella naps, and spend the rest of the time with her.
Is it luck though?

One of the reasons that lead to my decision to run my own business was knowing I was heading towards becoming a mum, and not wanting to miss out on too much time with my little ones. I thought starting a business would be the best option! I could work from home where needed, and do my best to earn as much money in the days I do have childcare. It was a CHOICE, rather than LUCK. Similarly, I’ve worked really hard to bring business in. I’ve not been LUCKY that my workshops are selling well, my Silly Social Media membership is increasing and my time available for full day inhouse training days is filling up fast. I’ve gone out there and marketed my business so I can fill the 2 days a week for which I have childcare, with paid work!

I’ve also figured out I need to sell more online, and am working on that as I type, putting together more online courses, so I can sell without leaving the house!

So, it’s taught me a bit of a business lesson. Success in business very very rarely comes down to luck. It often comes down to the choices and actions of the business owner! No one else!

So, are you making the right choices for your business?