scheduled postsIf you run a Facebook business page, have you ever noticed the little clock symbol in the box to post your updates?

This allows you to schedule your update to go out at a later date!  This means you can plan your Facebook content for the week, and get it all ready to go live, without having to think about it at the time!

Third party applications, like Hootsuite, will also allow you to schedule posts to Facebook.  Facebook definitely favours posts posted on Facebook over these apps though, so if you use these apps, your post has a much lower chance of being seen by those who like your page.

To increase the reach of your post, choosing to schedule through Facebook is the way to go.

Having said that, Facebook also favours live posts over scheduled!  So, the reach will be lower for your scheduled posts than your live posts, which is why it makes sense to do a bit of both!

Live will always win the reach race, but scheduled does ensure your page is populated with content!

So, have a go!  Click on that little clock symbol today!

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