twitter keywordsWhat are your Twitter keywords?

What are you searching for on Twitter on a daily basis?

What are people saying about your brand on Twitter?

What types of things are your ideal customer talking about on Twitter?


What do you mean you don’t know?!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re not running daily Twitter searches then, quite frankly, you’re absolutely nuts!!  Twitter searches offer a great way for you to get in front of your ideal customer!

For example, if you have a holiday cottage in Wales that you are looking to promote, how many people are telling you on Twitter that they holiday in Wales?  If you design websites, how many people are asking for referrals to update their website?  If you are an accountant, how many people are launching their new business on Twitter?  If you sell baby clothes, how many mums are constantly boring the world on Twitter with their baby updates (guilty your honour!!!)?

You get the picture?  You need to start searching for what your target market are saying on Twitter.  Then interact with them!  Build the conversation!  Add them to a list!  Offer them your lead bait in return for their details!  Go direct for the sell if it’s really appropriate (most times it’s not so be careful!).  But above all, do something!!!!!!!!!  Don’t ignore your target market on Twitter!

You can make your Twitter searches location specific by running an advanced search at  You save the search so you don’t have to type it in next time.

Or, use a tool like, which will notify you via email when it finds your searches on Twitter.