Oscar's SelfieDid you see that the ‘selfie’ taken at the Oscars on Sunday night became the most retweeted thing EVER on Twitter?!!!

It pictured lots of famous faces!  And it would be difficult to achieve the same results with your own tweets!!

But, there is a message in there!

Images are loved on social media!!  Do you share images?  I bet there are plenty of opportunities in your business to take effective images and share them on Twitter and Facebook!

It could be your employees ‘working’ or even ‘not working’!  It could be things spotted in your office!  It could be your products.  It could even be your pets!

In the pictures on my mum’s Facebook page (she runs a plant nursery business in the Isle of Man – www.facebook.com/ballanelsonnurseries), my mum’s dog Toby is the star of all the pics!  And, they get loads of engagement as a result, and plenty of sales through Facebook too!

A carpet company I recently trained realised they couldn’t use a pet as their mascot, so instead have a toy monkey in all of their pics!  And are seeing great results!

So, get taking and sharing those pictures!