Twitter ConvoThis week, Argos hit the news for responding to a Twitter query in a comical way, matching the language used by the Twitter user asking them a question.

The exchange went as follows:

@BadManBugti @Argos_Online YO wen u gettin da ps4 tings in moss side? Ain’t waitin no more. Plus da asian guy whu works dere got bare attitude #wasteman

@Argos_Online @BadManBugti Safe badman, we gettin sum more PS4 tings in wivin da next week y’get me. Soz bout da attitude, probz avin a bad day yo.  LD

@BadManBugti @Argos_Online respect.Sick guy

Surely there’s no better example than speaking the customers’ language online!

Are you speaking your customers’ language?  And, I don’t mean English, Spanish, Latin, Cantonese, or whatever mother tongue your customers have!

I mean, are you speaking to them with the right words?  Using their vocabulary rather than yours?

Or are you baffling them with jargon, using big words that you found in the dictionary, or going OTT with the corporate speak?

People like to be communicated with on their level.  In real terms.  Conversationally!

This is especially true on social media.  Social media really is a combination of a lot of conversations delivered in lots of different ways!  So be conversational.  Analyse who your customer is and how they want to be talked to.  What words do they want to hear?  What words do they definitely not want to hear?

And remember, you can’t please everyone all of the time.  So focus right in on your target market.  If this alienates others who are never likely to buy from you, so be it!!

So, what language does your customer speak, yo?!