Knowledge on social mediaSocial media doesn’t just have to be something you use to promote your business!

You could also use it as an education source!

There are lots of experts on social media sharing a lot of great help, knowledge and advice.  There’ll be experts within your industry and those who can help you grow your business.  So, it’s definitely a great idea to use social media as a knowledge source as well as a marketing tool!

Some ideas to make this easier for you…

  1. Subscribe to lists on Twitter

Find an expert in the field you are looking to gain more knowledge in.  On their Twitter profile, click lists on the left hand side.  Then click ‘member of’.  If they’re a well-known expert, it’s highly likely that they’ve been added to a list of similar industry experts.  Click on that list, then select subscribe at the top.  You can then find the list when clicking on your own lists, within your profile, and it will contain all the tweets of the list members.  A quick way to access a lot of good knowledge!


  1. Join groups on LinkedIn

Run a LinkedIn group search with the keywords of those areas you are looking to increase your knowledge in and join those groups!  If you select to get a weekly digest email, you’ll then receive an email to your inbox with lots of great knowledge in it!!!


  1. Like expert Facebook pages

Many experts will have a Facebook page where they share their knowledge.  Run searches on Facebook for the people you wish to hear from, or the publications that share out the knowledge.  Once you’ve liked the Facebook page, if you click ‘get notifications’ by clicking on the down arrow next to ‘liked’, you will receive a Facebook notification when that page releases a new update.


So, start expanding your knowledge through the vast array of opportunities on social media!