When Will It EndI put a tweet out yesterday asking if anyone had any questions they’d like answered in a blog.

One user came back with the following questions:

“When will it end?”

It’s a great question!  After all, everything has to come to an end at some point!

Now I’m no Houdini, and I can’t predict the future I’m afraid.  But, my guess would be that it’s not going to in the foreseeable future!

It will adapt and change, and may look completely different to what it does now, but social media is only growing, it’s not disappearing.

20 years ago, all business communication would have been face-to-face or over the phone.  Now email is the number one form of business communication.

I think there will be a significant shift over the coming years to using social media as a form of communication.  Currently, there are many corporate accounts on social media, but far fewer individual employee accounts.  I think this will shift and become something that all employees use in a business context, to communicate both internally and externally.

There will also be emerging platforms.  Many have tried and failed to reach the heights of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I think there will be a platform that rivals all three.  What it will look like, I don’t know.  But I do think it will have greater capacity for private conversation, as well as the open conversation that is currently the focus on platforms like Twitter.

So, the answer to the question ‘when will it end’ is….who knows?!!!  It’s not looking like it will be soon anyway!  So, if you’re yet to embrace social media or are not sure how to use it in the right way for your business, it’s time to get savvy!!!

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