Next week I’m holding my first ever flash sale!!!

This means for only 10 hours, you’ll be able to get hold of my new online courses for less than half price. Once that time is up, they’ll only be available at full price!

It’s the first time I’ll have done a flash sale and I’ve really swiped and deployed on this one! I’ve questioned a few times in the past few weeks what has made me make a purchase NOW with no particular urgent need for the purchase. The answer has always been the offer! And it seems, the shorter the offer is available for, the more likely I am to buy!

So, I’m going to see how that works for me!

Social media is going to form an integral part of this! I foresee a lot of sales coming through my activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But, the main thing for me will be the knowing! It’s useless me sending everyone from everywhere to exactly the same link, or how will I know how many purchases have been made from each marketing effort?

Instead I will create a specific page for each form of marketing, with a different payment link that allows me to track the success of that marketing method. Then I can judge how my time is best spent in the next flash sale, and which platform to put more work in to.

Do you test and measure your marketing success? Do you know what’s working? Measuring is absolutely key to marketing success! If you gave me a £10 every time I gave you £1, I’m never going to stop giving you those pounds! My return would be great, so why budget that return! Similarly, if you gave me £1 every time I gave you £10, I’m very quickly going to stop giving you pounds! If you’re not testing which methods of marketing are working in your business, you could be giving pounds away instead of getting tenners back!

I’ll report back on the results!!!