Flash SaleLast week saw my first ever flash sale!

It was an interesting experience for me! As the sale of my new online courses was only available for 10 hours, that meant communicating with my list and my social media audience several times throughout that time period.

It’s interesting that with each social media update posted about the flash sale, I made at least one sale. And with each email I sent, I made numerous sales.

I sent 5 emails about the flash sale in that 10 hour period. All were of different content. Some also give tips and advice. After email number 3, I started to get a couple of responses telling me to remove them from my list as I was sending them too many emails.

Now, some businesses may take this as a bad sign, and decide to not send any further emails that day. But that would have been a stupid thing for me to do! With each email, I was making several hundred pounds of sales. To reduce the number of emails because of the odd response (about 0.7% of my list responded in this way or unsubscribed!), would have meant a loss in sales, turnover and profit!

The key is, you can’t please everyone all of the time! If you try to in business, you tend to either make no sales, or end up pleasing no one! The great thing about the flash sale is that it refined my list! Those people on my list who unsubscribed did so because it is highly unlikely that they will ever buy anything from me. And that’s ok with me! Not everyone can be my customer!

So, are you losing out on sales because you try to please everyone?