BlogsThis week I was delivering some training, and the company in question pushed back that they couldn’t do a blog due to the signoff process. By the time it had been expertly reading, proof-read a number of times, redrafted and then signed off, it just wouldn’t be possible for them to release a weekly blog.

It takes me approximately 10 minutes to write a blog. That’s why it is easy for me to blog every week. In all honesty, I don’t really have much more time than this to do it!

Now, I know that the best practice might be to really plan out the blog, to draft and redraft, to have someone else read it.

But I just wouldn’t blog if that was the case.

You’ll also notice my blogs are relatively short. I focus on one topic and keep it brief. Because I know you haven’t got a lengthy amount of time to read it either!

So, are you taking your time and not taking action as a result. Or are you saving time by just getting it out there!

Oh, and I decided to time how long it took me to write this. The answer….3 minutes!!!!!