Target MarketOften businesses go very egotistical when it comes to social media (and in fact their marketing in general!).  It’s about ‘us’ and ‘we’, and rarely ‘you’!

Yet egotism is not the best strategy for winning new business!

Before you even begin your social media activity, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is this:


Getting under the skin of this will help you to formulate both a content and engagement strategy.

The answer will be very different for each target market.  If your target market is teenagers, they definitely don’t want to be bored!  They want fun and entertainment!

If it’s business owners, they may use social media to be informed, expand their knowledge and, possibly escape the day-to-day!

And for all other target markets, there’ll be many other reasons!

If you go away from their core purpose of being on there, you’ll do nothing but disengage, which is definitely not a great strategic approach.

For your posts to be responded to instead of ignored, and for your followers and fans to increase rather than decline, get clear on why your target market are using social media.  Then go with that!  Give them what they’re there for!

Remember, it’s not just about YOU!