NumbersSome businesses definitely need high volumes of customers to make a profit. If Primark only had a handful of customers a day, its profits wouldn’t be looking to desirable! But, if an ultra high-end clothes store has a handful of customers each day, they might have more than desirable profits!

Do you know how many customers your business needs to hit the goals you have set?
If your numbers are high, this blog doesn’t apply to you!

But if you sell at higher prices and need only a small number of new customers, then read on…!!

Social media for you should not be a numbers game. You shouldn’t be looking to get as many followers/fans/connections as possible and trying to engage them all.

Instead you should focus on what I call ‘top targets’. If you highlight around 100 people/businesses that you’d like as customers, and you know that winning 5 of these would see your business right, then just follow and connect with that 100!

Post updates that would appeal specifically to them. Build conversation with them. Engage them everyday. And target them through other forms of marketing too. If a customer is worth £10k to you, I bet you’d happily spend £100 acquiring them, and probably much more! So, integrate all your marketing to focus on these 100.

Don’t play the numbers game if you don’t need the numbers!