Twitter ChatI’m sure by now, if you’re a regular Twitter user, you’ve come across certain Twitter chats that you’d like to get involved with.

These might be industry specific to you and your industry, or they could be focused within a locality, or they could be specific to certain business groups.

Often these Twitter chats take place around a hashtag (e.g. #northwesthour). Anyone getting involved in the chat uses the hashtag. They would use it to introduce themselves, to ask questions, and to reply to the questions of others.

So, what happens if there is a regular Twitter chat that you can’t get involved in? If the timings aren’t right for you? Or you just completely forget that it has taken place?

Well, it doesn’t mean you have to lose out!

Let’s take #northwesthour as an example. In this hour, North West small businesses will be chatting away to each other. Say this is your prime target market. Well, how about running a search the next morning on Twitter for the hashtag #northwesthour. The follow those people involved within the chat. And, most importantly, add them to a list called something along the lines of ‘small business NW’.

Instead of only interacting with these people in one hour, once a week, you then have the opportunity to interact daily. Just head to your list (it sits under the more tab of your profile) and there are all the tweets of those people you’ve added for you to reply to.

If you can get involved in the chats, even better! But don’t let the opportunity go to waste if you can’t!