World cup competitionTwo years ago, I ran a competition on Twitter that got me loads of spread, and cost me £20!

I asked people to tweet the hashtag #samflynneuro2012. I kept a check on the hashtag, and for each new use, I picked a team from the Euro 2012 competition from a bag. That person was assigned that team. The person with the winning team at the end of the Euros won a £20 Amazon voucher!

It was a really easy competition to run, and also gave me engagement opportunities with the 16 entrants over the course of the tournament. Within about 5 minutes, all 16 teams had gone. And within 30 minutes, the hashtag had been used around 50 times! Great spread for me! And it only cost me twenty quid!

So, I’m going to be doing it again, once we hit the second stage of the world cup!

And I thought I’d share it with you, because there are lots of fun competitions you could be doing that relate to the world events everyone is talking about! Go ahead and steal mine if you wish!