Social Media ChallengeToday is about pushing your comfort zone on social media!  And seeing what results come from it!

Below are some challenges I’d love for you to take and to see the results you can achieve from them!

  1. Reply to the tweets of 10 people you’ve never spoken to before on Twitter (make sure they are your target market to increase your chance of results!)
  2. Boost a post from your Facebook page!  Just hit the ‘boost post’ option after posting the update.  Target this to the fans of your page and their friends.  But make sure the post achieves an objective, such as engagement on the post or sending them to a lead capture form in return for something.
  3. Send an individual message to 10 of your LinkedIn connections (again making sure they are your target market).  This could be direct and ask if they want to meet up/you to call in.  Or just ask them how things are, and that it’s been a long time since you spoke.
  4. Run a search on Twitter for your products or services and have a go at selling to someone who is looking to buy what you sell!  Build conversation by asking lots of questions.
  5. Use Facebook as your page (rather than you the individual) and go and comment on the status updates of a page that your target audience is likely to ‘like’!
  6. Get involved in a LinkedIn group.  Post a discussion and respond to other discussions on that group.  Again, focus on the group with your target audience in.

So, go on!  Give it a go!  Or even pick three from the list above, and put them in to action!  Then set yourself the goal to put them in to action every month, or even every week, or even better every day!