EllaIt’s my little girl, Ella’s, first birthday today!  And it’s put me in a bit of a reflective mood.

A lot has changed in a year!  I’ve got to admit, it’s the fastest year of my life!  Nothing seems to speed up time faster than having a child!

And it’s been one in which I’ve learnt a lot about how I want to run my business.

I spent the first half of the past year doing very little work, while I cared for my newborn.  Then in the second half, I returned to the working world!  I’m so glad for the opportunity to take that 6 months out of the business, as it really turned every around for me.  Here’s a few things that have changed:

  1. The hours I work – I used to work at least a 5 day work, sometimes fitting in a bit of weekend work too.  I now work 2-3 days a week.  Most weeks, I only work 2 days.  On top of this, I do some work while Ella naps, and some in the evening now and again.  But mostly, I get to spend the other days with her, being a mum!
  2. The amount I earn – I thought this would have an impact on how much money comes in to the business, and it has.  But the impact is different to what I expected.  I now bring more money in to the business working 2 days a week than I did working 5.  How mad is that?  Why is that…
  3. My priorities have changed – it’s because I no longer spend time on the things someone else could be doing!  I now work smart instead of hard, and I’m so glad I’ve been pushed in to this position.  I have to do justice to Ella by bringing in as much money as I can in the 2 days of the week that I don’t get to spend with her.  And that’s what I focus my efforts on – marketing and delivery.
  4. I no longer do admin – I’ve used an admin company (Madson Interim Solutions) for a number of years now, but I’ve really stepped up how much work they do for me.  The situation is ideal for me.  I don’t want to employ someone, as it doesn’t fit my business right now.  But I want to delegate the work I shouldn’t be wasting my time as the business owner on.  So I outsource all my admin to Madson.  Even my email inbox is managed by them, so I just check in on the emails they can’t respond to.  It’s great!
  5. I no longer represent the Entrepreneur’s Circle – before having Ella, I was a Business Growth Advisor for the Entrepreneur’s Circle.  Something had to give to allow me to work fewer hours, so I passed over this opportunity.  I’m still an active member, and use the EC to help grow my business.
  6. Life has got much richer – my life has become richer!  I believe I’ve created the right life for me – one in which I’m able to spend more time with my daughter than I do working, while earning a good income.  This is definitely something I wouldn’t be able to achieve if I didn’t work for myself without taking a huge pay decrease.

Now, I’m not suggesting you have a child so that you shake up the way your business works.  But please do think about whether you are working smart or hard!  There’s definitely more to life than work!