I’m writing this on the hop at an exhibition! I’ll be honest. I had limited time to put my stand together. My banners have my old branding on so I don’t want to use them.

So last night I went to my local shop and found myself some party things! Bunting, table cloth, cake stand and cakes obviously. And you know what? I’m so glad i don’t have a banner.


My stand is different from all the others. Because it’s not corporate. It’s relaxed. It’s friendly. And it’s approachable. And people are approaching (someone from the apprentice is speaking at the moment, which has pulled people in to the seminar space and given me time to write this!!). The same is definitely true of social media.

Be approachable and personable and people will approach you! A corporate front will be far more off putting. And don’t forget to be different. Do what the others aren’t!!