B2B2Ok, daft question!  Of course B2B (business to business, i.e. businesses selling to other businesses) exists!

The problem with the label B2B, is that it suggests we are marketing to a structure, a company, a building, a group, a team.

The majority of the time though, we are actually still marketing to one person.  A person who is a consumer on behalf of the business they work for/own.  Who makes the decision to buy from you.  Or who collects information to feed to the person who makes the decision.

I prefer the label, B2BC – Business to Business Consumer.  This allows our marketing to become more personalised to one person, rather than to a large number of people.  We can think about what makes their job difficult and how we could make it easier for them.  We can talk to them in a way that shows why talking about our business with key decision makers would be the best option, and gain them praise from those decision makers.

I often hear companies suggest that there is no way they would market on Facebook, as they are marketing to other businesses rather than consumers.  But, how many of the people they need to speak to within that business are actually using Facebook?  And using it daily?  I’d say it’s a hefty proportion!

I’ve recently ran a promoted post on Facebook aimed at accountants.  The results have been brilliant!  I haven’t let the fact that I market to other businesses put me off using a fantastic advertising tool.

So, are you missing out by thinking B2B instead of B2BC?

If you haven’t yet set up a Facebook page, or have a page and are not making the most of it, you can download my free Beginners’ Guide to Facebook pages by clicking here