Social Media MarketingIt’s far easier to sell to people who have already bought from us (so long as you don’t deliver a bad service or product!).

Yet so little of our marketing is focused on doing just that.  Instead we look to bring in new customers.

How much of your activity on social media is focused on the people who have already bought from you?  How do you encourage them to talk about you on social media?

At a simple level, you should aim to collect the usernames of your customers on Twitter, so you can add them to a list and continue to engage with them.

You can also drive your customers to your Facebook page, and encourage them to leave you a testimonial on there, offering discounts for future purchases when they make that review.

And, when they mention you on social media, and how great the service/product is, don’t ignore it!  Retweet and share it, add them to a list, and continue to engage with them.

You could even set up a private Facebook or LinkedIn group that is solely for your customers where you can continue to be of assistance to them, and occasionally let them know about offers you have available.

So, don’t forget the important people.  After all, they’re the ones who are going to help you bring in new customers!

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