Twitter analytics 1Twitter analytics has now been rolled out to all users, so you can look at the performance of your tweets as a whole, and each individual tweet, as well as the demographics of your followers.

The Twitter analytics tool will show you impressions (number of times the tweet was seen), engagement (clicks, replies, follows, favourites, retweets) and engagement rate (engagement divided by impressions) for each of your tweets.

You can also see how your impressions have changed over the past 28 days, as well as link clicks, engagement, retweets, replies and favourites over that period.

So, how might you use this information?

Twitter analytics 2Keep an eye on the tweets that are getting the best engagement rate, as these are the ones that are the most successful for you.  See if there is a common theme and then try to replicate this.  Do they mainly link to information?  Do they have a picture attached?  What are you talking about within the tweets?

If you are making changes to your Twitter strategy, it is also really important to see what impact this has on your analytics.

And, over time, your numbers should be increasing – more followers should mean more impressions, should mean more engagement!

You can also take a look at the demographics of your followers by clicking on the followers tab at the top of the analytics dashboard.  This will show you how your follower numbers have increased, what the main interests of your followers are, where they are based and their gender.  You can check this aligns with your target audience and adjust your strategy if it doesn’t.

So, go have a look at how your tweets are performing and your follower demographics, by clicking through to Twitter Analytics here!