Logging OffI know I talk a lot about the importance of using social media in business.  But it’s just as important to have those times where you don’t use it.

In our technological world, no matter where we are in the world, we have access to work.

A holiday is no longer a holiday.  Which is great in some ways.  Terrible in others!

I write this from my sunlounger in Spain.  Ok, I lie!  I wrote this before I went away.  I am currently on a sunlounger in Spain but blogging is, I’m sure, the last thing on my mind!

I won’t be logging on while I’m on holiday.  There will be some scheduled updates going out from me, with this blog, my upcoming event, and other worthy news.  But I won’t be logging on.  Except maybe to share the odd holiday pic.

I won’t be checking my emails either.  The world won’t implode if I don’t check my emails for a week.  I won’t miss out on a multi-million pound deal if I’m not a slave to the inbox.  And, I’ve made provisions for someone to check it for me, just in case that multi-million pound deal does go through!!

It’s so important to get time back for ourselves, that the modern world is so keen to take from us.  We’re now surrounded by screens, and are never 10m away from our phone.  It actually has far more positive impact to take a break from it, than to be on it constantly.

So, if you find your always there, always online, always checking emails, take some time out to not go near it.  It will honestly do your business the world of good.

See you when I get back!!