This blog’s a bit of a brag admittedly, but there’s a message in there too!

I attended the National Entrepreneur’s Convention at the weekend.  It was an amazing 2 days of learning how to grow my business.  Learning is definitely important to me, to ensure the future of my business and discovering new ways to market it.

On the evening of the first night, there was to be an awards ceremony that you could put your business forward to.  I had a look at the categories and decided to go for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, seeing as this will be my last year to enter this award (I’m 30 next year!).

There were 400 entries to the awards in total, which is on average about 40 entries per award.  So I was shocked and chuffed to be one of six finalists for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

I didn’t win unfortunately.  But lost to a very deserving 25 year old winner!!

But, it has got me great exposure, and I’m hoping for a press release about it too!

The message:

1. Commit to learning in your business!

2. Look out for awards you could enter!  Even being a finalist is fantastic exposure for your business