My blog generally goes out every Wednesday. This one hasn’t! Oops! It’s been a bit of a lesson to me – always have a couple of blogs waiting in the wings just in case!
My one year old daughter has chickenpox and so can’t go to nursery this week and, as a result, work ‘stuff’ has had to go on hold for me, beyond what I can fit in while she’s having a chilled moment playing, or she’s napping!
The blog is late as a result! Apologies!
So, my blog this week is really about being prepared in your business for what can go wrong. What if you don’t have as much time as you thought you’d have that week? What contingency plans have you got in place?
I’m pleased to say I’ve got a fab team working in the background that keep things ticking over for me. But they have their roles and I have mine, and this has definitely taught me that I need a plan in place for when my role can’t happen!
Normal blog service resumed next week – no matter what!!!