Facebook is a great marketing tool.  But many people want to keep their business life on Facebook completely separate from their personal life on there, and use company pages to do this.

The trouble is, you can’t participate in groups as a company, and must instead use your personal profile.  As there are many groups that you can network in to promote your business, this causes a bit of an issue when connection requests come through from business contacts.

There is a way, however, to keep your two lives separate!!blog pic

When you post a status update or photo, you have the option under the post as to who will see that post.  The default will be public, but if you click on the drop down, you could also choose friends, and so on.

You have the opportunity to make lists on Facebook, and these lists will appear in this dropdown.  So, for example, you could have a family list, a friends list and a business contacts list!  You can then just send your private stuff to friends and family, and send business related updates to your business list!

Hey presto!  You are then using your personal profile for both business and pleasure!

To create different lists, scroll down the left hand side of your home page on Facebook to ‘friends’ and click ‘more’.  You will then be given the opportunity to create a list and add those you wish to that list.