I get somewhat frustrated with businesses that don’t do the social part of social media!  They just broadcast rather than also interacting.

Often time is used as an excuse.  It is quick and easy to schedule updates for the week. Not so easy to engage in conversation.

But if you want new business and repeat business, you’ve got to talk to your customers and potential customers!  And social media means this has never been easier.

So, if you’re struggling to find time, I want you to find just 10 minutes in your day, every day.  This could be straight at elevenses, straight after lunch, before you go home for dinner, whatever time fits with your dietary requirements!!  Haha!  Maybe it’s just me who plans my day around meals!

Joking aside.  Pick your 10 minutes and stick to it.  You could do something different each day.  One day you could spend 10 minutes responding to tweets, the next day participating in LinkedIn groups, and the next responding to the updates of other businesses on Facebook.

However you do it, just make sure you do!!!  You’ll see a huge difference in the amount of business you get through social media when you do!