So many businesses get stuck for what to say on social media, and the main reason is that they’ve not effectively thought through what is occurring both within and outside of their business over the course of a year.

Grab yourself a big wall planner for next year now, and start charting out what you could be talking about on social media over the course of the year.Calendar_0

Do you have any specific events within your business that occur every year?  Or specific events within the company?

Are there product launches due for specific times?

Will the business go through a significant change at any point in that year?

And then there’s what occurs outside of your business.

Think Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Halloween, etc.  How could you tie your content in to these events?

Or events that are happening specifically that year.  Sporting events for example.

This will help you create content in advance.  Write blog posts, generate videos, and take pictures you can use, ready for that event to occur.

It will also highlight the ‘non-event’ periods, when you need to revert to the day-to-day.  These could be good opportunities to run competitions or a unique campaign.

And, lo and behold, you have the majority of your content for the next year planned out!  Doesn’t that make life easier?!