Last week I held a flash sale on my Silly Social Media membership.  I sent 3 emails in the same day.  3 emails in one day!!!

In the past, this is something I wouldn’t have done.  I’d have been disheartened by the unsubscribes. Email-marketing-tips

But, over the years of sending marketing emails, I’ve come to realise that sometimes the more the better is the case!  This certainly doesn’t apply all the time.  If I sent 3 emails every single day, it would probably work against me.

But what I’ve really learnt is that those who unsubscribe are those who are not interested in buying from you.  And that’s fine!  I don’t expect every person on the planet to want to buy from me!

What I’m more interested in is those who do want to!

On Friday, when I sent the three emails, the majority of my sales came with the last email.  In fact, the least number of sales I made was with the first email.  Big lesson there.  If I’d only sent that one email for fear of unsubscribes, I would missed out on a lot of sales!

So, are you being overcautious with your emails for fear you may experience some unsubscribes!