How many connections we have on LinkedIn certainly isn’t in direct correlation to how much business we get from it!

The problem being that most people do nothing to communicate to that connection after the initial acceptance!

So, how can you keep in touch with your LinkedIn connections?

  1. Personalise your connection request

Start the communication right from stage one!  If you send a connection request directly from their profile on the desktop version, you are able to include a message.  This is your first opportunity to communicate!  Don’t sell.  Just tell them why you want to connect and show that you have read their profile by commenting on something from it.

  1. Send them a message

Once you are connected to someone, you are able to send them messages on LinkedIn.  This doesn’t mean you should instantly start selling to your new connections.  But when someone has just accepted your connection request, or you there’s, why not send them a quick message saying that it’s great to connect, maybe ask them a question to keep the conversation going.

You can tag your connections to easily send messages to groups of connections at once.  This is great for sending relevant value pieces, and occasionally (but rarely) selling when you have an offer on or something that you know will be of interest to them.

  1. Comment on status updates

The home page of LinkedIn is often overlooked, but gives you some great opportunities to communicate with your connections.  Comment on status updates.  Ask questions to open up conversation.  It will make you far more visible to them than just lurking on their connection list!

  1. Post your own updates

You should also post your own updates as a means of adding value to your connections and opening up conversation with them.  Post interesting links and articles.  Ask questions.  Stimulate conversation!  Plus, even if they don’t communicate, they may read your update and you will gain increased visibility.

  1. Follow LinkedIn’s prompts

LinkedIn will prompt you to communicate.  It will encourage you to congratulate someone on a new job.  Or wish them a happy birthday.  It’s an easy and quick way to keep in touch with your connections!

  1. Write a recommendation

If you have worked with your connections, it’s a good idea to write them a recommendation.  This holds much more kudos than ticking an endorsement box!  State what was great about working with them, or the service they delivered.  Or perhaps how they added value and helped you out with something.

  1. Participate in the same groups

Look at the groups your connections are members of.  Start by looking at those connections who are also your target market.  Scroll down their profile to see which groups they have publicly stated they are members of.  And join those groups (if your profile fits and you are allowed in!).  Get involved in group discussions and post your own discussions too!  Pick around 3 groups that you will participate in weekly to help increase your visibility.

So, don’t think that accepting or sending connection requests is enough on LinkedIn to generate interest and business!  Start communicating today!!

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