So, in case you hadn’t noticed, it definitely is now Christmas time!  In fact, it’s probably been Christmas time since the start of November if the shops are anything to go by!Social Media at Christmas

So, how have you been approaching Christmas on social media?

Christmas offers a great opportunity for you to hit the ‘social’ bit of social media.  It’s a very social time of year after all!  Your business ‘brandonality’ (personality of your brand) should really come across at Christmas.

What events have you had within your business?  Christmas jumper day?  Christmas do?  Charity events?  Mince pies for morning treats?  Whatever it may be, it should be shared, and show what goes on behind those closed doors!

This is a great opportunity to use video and imagery.  Both videos and imagery are becoming more and more important on social media.  They don’t have to be professional.  Simple tablet or smartphone videos and images are enough to give us an idea.

Now of course, there is a caveat on this.  Don’t go sharing the later hours of your Christmas do…!!  What goes on at the Christmas do, stays at the Christmas do!

So, enjoy yourself this Christmas!!  And share all the fun times!