Happy New Year to you!! Think we can still just about get away with saying that!Calendar_0

So, a new year brings new resolutions! But does your business have resolutions too?

If social media didn’t work well for you in 2014, then it’s worth asking yourself the following questions:

1. Am I active enough on social media?

You should be posting every day, and several times a day at that, on most platforms. You should also be engaging with your target market. If you’re not doing this, it’s unlikely that social media will work for you.

2. Do I know what I’m doing?

Just because we know how to chat to our friends on Facebook and follow what celebs are up to on Twitter, doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to use it to help grow our business!

If you don’t feel you know the right approach to take on social media, then invest in some training. (Here comes the plug!! Check out my workshops happening over the next few months! Click here for more info: samflynn.co.uk/workshops).

3. Do I post what my target market want to hear?

If you are posting things that you think your target market want to hear, rather than what they actually want to, then you could alienate them. You might have great products to sell, but if you keep pushing sales on social media, your target market are unlikely to buy. Instead focus on sharing knowledge with your target market, adding value to their day, and sharing the brandonality (personality of your brand) on social media.

4. Do I engage?

If you purely use social media as a broadcast tool, it can be very difficult to engage customers enough for them to want to buy from you. Ensure you respond to all queries and replies. And take time to respond to your target market’s updates.

5. Do I know whether it’s working?

It can be hard to track the ROI (return on investment) of your social media activity. But it is certainly possible to at least get an idea of whether it is working. Use your Google Analytics to determine changes in web activity from social media. Track where your customers are finding you from, to see how many approach you through social media. And track the number of leads you are generating through social media. There are many more ways to understand your ROI, but make sure you are doing something!

Wishing you the best of luck in 2015!