FacebookI’m sure you know that the more touch points you have with a potential customer, the more likely they are to buy from you?

Which is why one form of marketing is rarely enough!

If you’re sending regular emails out to your customers, each email would be classed as one touch point.  But imagine if you could also get in front of them, in a place where they are probably hanging out every day!

Facebook advertising allows you to upload an email list.  Your ads will then be visible for those people whose email used on Facebook matches that on your email list.

So, they get an email from you, are on Facebook later, and there you are again!  Another touch point.  Another reason to buy.  And another one to generate that business!

Have a go today by creating your ads at www.facebook.com/ads.  When choosing your audience, choose custom audience, and then the option of ‘customer list’.

Facebook will tell you how many of the email addresses on your list match those on Facebook, so you can determine whether it is worth running your ad!

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