InstagramWe are living in a much more visual age.  With the ability to take photos or videos at any opportunity, with the help of our smartphones, our social media presence needs to be more than just written words!

The rise of Instagram has shown how users enjoy viewing imagery or watching videos.  Instagram is a mobile app allowing you to share images and 15 second videos.  It has filter options to make these more visually appealing, and you can support the image or video with a caption.

The great thing about Instagram for businesses, is that you are opening up your business to the eyes of your consumers.  This is obviously particularly important if you sell products.  But even service businesses can take advantage of this.  They can share 15 second video tips.  Or give an insight in to what is happening within the business.

You can link your Instagram images to numerous other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, so that you are allowing for more visual media on these platforms.

So, is your business visually appealing?

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