VLOGMost businesses now understand the importance of blogging. But what about vlogging?

Vlogging is the video equivalent of blogging. Instead of writing your blog, you speak it to camera instead. YouTube continues to rise in viewing numbers, and is now a search engine in itself. Not to mention the fact that Google favours video content (they own YouTube after all!). And many users prefer to watch a video than read the written word.

The great thing about vlogs is you don’t need high level specialist equipment to record them. You can record on webcam, tablet or smartphone as it’s simply speaking to camera. I’d definitely recommend getting a tripod that holds a tablet and smartphone. And making sure you have good lighting.

So, what might a business vlog about?

1. Educate
The best vlogs are those that educate their audience. Use your vlog to share knowledge within the business. Think about what would add value to the day of your audience. And to showcase the experts within your business.

2. Showcase
Use your vlog to show your products or services in action. Bring them to life so that your potential customers can see the value in working with your business.

3. Interview
Interview people in your industry. Ask them questions that you know your audience want answers to.

4. Introduce your employees
Make faces of the people in the business, so your customers know who they’re speaking to.

You should create a YouTube channel to host your vlogs on and then share these through social media!

If you need to hone your YouTube skills, I’ll be running a YouTube workshop in Manchester on Thursday 5th March. You can find out more and book your place at samflynn.co.uk/youtubeforbusiness.