social media activityIt’s crazy how businesses can put so much effort in to their social media activity, and yet so little effort in to driving their target market to that activity.
Do you make it clear in as many places as possible exactly where to find you on social media?
You should definitely have links in the following places:
1. Your website
Add icons to your website that link through to your social media profiles. Also, make sure these open in a new tab rather than directing people away from your website
2. Email signatures
All employees should have the social media profile links included within their email signatures.
3. Business cards
Similarly, all employee business cards should show how the recipient of the business card can find you on social media.
4. Cross links between platforms
Where possible, link from one platform to another.
5. In store/office
If visitors are waiting within a specific area, are they presented with where to find you online?
6. Email campaigns
Each email campaign should contain links through to your social media activity
7. Offline marketing
And you can include links on things like flyers, direct mail pieces and press aderts too!

The key is, don’t expect people to go looking for you. Instead direct them straight there!!!