social media bird

When I first started my social media focused business, I offered management as well as training. I ran the social media accounts of several clients.

The truth? I didn’t really enjoy it! I love social media! But I just found it so hard to have lots of different hats, and be lots of different people/businesses! I much prefer going out and meeting lots of different people through the training I offer.

I still get asked for social media management services, but now pass them on to a company who I get to do some of my social media!

So, who should manage your social media?

Well, the honest answer is that it should be someone inhouse. This is the best way to effectively communicate with your customers, to release relevant news instantly, and to understand what your target audience want online, and deliver it! Having someone who can dedicate themselves full time to social media is the best option for every business. The more time dedicated to it, the more you can get from it as a business.

But, we all live in the real world. Employing someone full time, or taking the time from others or yourself, may not be an option.

There are lots of great social media management companies out there. They will do as much or as little as you require of them! I don’t work full time, so I can spend time with my little girl (plus another due in a matter of weeks!). The days I am working, I’m often delivering training.

As such, I do outsource some of my social media. Not all of it. I still like to be me online. But some of the day to day that I just don’t have chance to do. Like finding people to connect with on LinkedIn. Or uploading and sharing blog posts like these! I’m a big believer in not trying to do everything yourself as a business owner, and there is a lot I have to outsource to allow me to spend time with my daughter and to grow the business to where I want it to be!

So, in answer to the question who should manage your social media? It really depends on you!! The ideal scenario – someone in house. The reality of the situation – someone you outsource to who knows what they are doing!!

If you need any recommendations, just give me a shout!!