The introduction of social media as a marketing tool for businesses has definitely been positive.

But, there is a danger lurking. The danger being that we spend far too much time online!

Of course, the more you put in to it, the more you will get out of it. But the time needs to be used smartly.

All your social media activity should be focused on your business goals. You should not be wasting time chatting to people who will not help you grow your business. Do this outside of working hours!

You should also not be wasting time coming up with great sales updates! The more you sell, the more you’ll push people away! Your time will be better spent creating updates that will add value to your target audience.

You should also remember that social media isn’t free. There is a big cost of business time in using it. So, imagine it costs you £1 for every minute spent on social media. Are you getting a return on this investment?

Are you procrastinating? ‘As long as I’m on social media, I’m working’ kind of thinking?! Make sure you are on their strategically and not just because you are putting off more important or urgent tasks.

So, take a look at your social media activity. Is there too much time spent on it with not enough business coming back? If so, it’s time to readdress the balance!