Twitter is a great tool for businesses in building relationships with their customers. So how are businesses getting it wrong?

1. Not responding to queries
Many of your customers will use Twitter as a means of communicating with you. They may have questions for you about your products or services. They may have already purchased and have a question. They may, unfortunately, have a complaint. Whatever their reason for getting in touch, there needs to be a response!

2. Selling Too Much
Businesses see Twitter as a sales tool and as a result post nothing but sales messages. When you post constant sales messages, you cannot build relationships with your customers and potential customers. Your updates should also include added value for your target audience. Share your knowledge and links to articles that are going to add value to their day! Talk about what’s going on in your business. And ask questions to encourage conversation.

3. Being Too Corporate
Don’t forget that Twitter is a SOCIAL media platform. If you post constant corporate updates, hide behind your logo, and don’t do anything to be social, you will struggle to generate business through Twitter. Play on your business personality. Share more than just business focused updates. And do something to stand out from your competitors and all the other businesses targeting the same customers as you.

So, make sure you’re not making these three mistakes in your business to ensure your Twitter success!!!