One of the great things about social media is the ability to share.
On Twitter, you have the retweet. On Facebook and LinkedIn, the share option.
This means that you don’t just have to create your own posts. You can also share those of others! So, what should you be considering when sharing updates?

1. Your Audience
Yes, you may find it interesting or amusing, but will your audience. That is who you are sharing it with, so don’t forget them! When you share, you are opening your audience up to that update too. Share too many updates that are of no interest to them and you’ll quickly put them off. I’m a fan of crochet, but I know my followers on Twitter wouldn’t be interested if I kept sharing new patterns! Or would you?!!

2. Helping Others
Sharing updates can be a great way of helping others out on social media. So consider how your sharing strategy could help your target audience in some way. If they are asking for help or knowledge that you are unable to provide, consider sharing it on. Or if you read a great post from one of your customers, put it out there!

3. Don’t Share Too Much
If your Twitter feed becomes a stream of retweets, you’ll quickly lose followers. Make sure you spread out retweets through the day, rather than doing a series in one go. You can schedule retweets through Hootsuite.

4. Share Great Feedback
Don’t be afraid to blow your company trumpet!! Great feedback on social media should be shared with your audience. It builds kudos and trust, and what others say about your business will have a much bigger impact than what you say!

5. Thank Those Who Share Your Updates
Try to thank those who share your updates. They are doing you a big favour in sharing your message to their audience, so you shouldn’t just ignore that. Even better if you can use the fact they have shared as a way of starting a conversation!

So, go get sharing. But do it with a little thought before hand!